Here's what property owners like you are saying about Scout Napa Valley...

Opening your property to a film or photo crew can be exciting, enjoyable, rewarding – and, at first, a bit unnerving. That's why so many of your neighbors and friends choose Scout Napa Valley – because they, like you – need a trusted liaison that represents your interests and respects your property.

Scout Napa Valley has been able to thrive in the tight-knit community of the Napa Valley because once property owners get to know us, they recommend us to their neighbors. We're grateful for the chance to prove ourselves helpful and trustworthy, and we work hard to earn compliments like these.

“We have worked with Patrick Sprinkel of Scout Napa Valley for several years, and he always brings us quality clients and superb supervision services. Our home is precious to us, and we feel confident that when we leave it in Patrick’s care, it is maintained to the highest standards. Somehow, Patrick is able to maintain the utmost professional manner, and yet you feel like you’re dealing with a dear friend.”
Rela Gleason

“What a wonderful experience I had when Pottery Barn chose my antique home to showcase their holiday decorations. Christmas is a very special holiday for me, and to have my home – the Captain Andrew Sampson House, circa 1850 – adorned with decorations and featured in a catalog puts a smile on my face every time I think of it.

“Patrick, I can’t say enough about working with you and your staff. From the moment the crew arrived until the moment they left, everyone showed great respect, gentleness, and the kind of sensitivity one would expect when dealing with a 159-year-old home.

“I am a very detailed person, leaving no stone unturned, and you were much the same in your approach. This similarity made working with you very easy and comfortable for me. I look forward to our next adventure.“
Janet M. Mlynar

“We are fastidious homeowners when it comes to the care of our homes. As such, when we initially considered opening our house to photo shoots, we were reluctant. However over the course of several photo shoots, we are very impressed by Patrick and his team’s ability to manage every step of each photo shoot while ensuring that every detail is restored to its original place in perfect condition. We are now confident enough to leave the premises during an entire shoot. Patrick truly looks after our property as if it were his own.”
Kimberly Jackson

"Working with Scout Napa Valley, in the person of Patrick Sprinkel and his staff, has been a wonderful ongoing experience as Patrick brings photo shooting opportunities to us. Initially, he spent time getting to know our property as well as our concerns in order to only suggest those companies and type of filming activities that complement our site. We will only allow our wonderful home to be used while someone from Scout Napa Valley is on the property because they represent us and our interests so well in our absence. They take photos of our furniture placement before any shooting begins and when they leave it's as though they had never been here. Patrick is very organized, personable and well liked by both us and the filming staffs."

Jean-Marie and John Kelly

"We have been working with Patrick for several years and are totally pleased with the relationship. When dealing with a company that is looking for a location, it is ideal to have the scout represent your interests instead of just being a middle man for referrals. First, Patrick makes sure that there is a good fit between our property and the needs of the project client before scheduling a walk-thru for the art team. That saves all of us time and energy. We travel frequently, and we trust Patrick to manage a photo shoot in our absence. He is dependably on site and is always on top of any situation that arises. When the crew pulls out at the end of a shoot, Patrick is the last person to leave. He makes sure that clean up is complete and doors and gates are secure. His attention to detail on every level is remarkably good."
Cynthia Wright

"We've had 9 crews on the premises over the past 3 years, and the experience has been a very positive one for us. Scout Napa Valley is completely organized, totally professional and always available to solve anything that comes up. The most important thing to us is that our grounds aren't damaged, and that the integrity of the facilities is preserved. Scout Napa Valley always brings quality crews who respect our property."
Scott Harris

"We've put so much of ourselves into our home – right down to the hand-done mouldings that we designed and crafted ourselves. We couldn't consider allowing a film crew to come here without the supervision of Scout Napa Valley. Patrick, the owner, has such integrity that we're able to put the well-being of our home in his hands. We're truly impressed the way the entire process is so organized and professional."
Judith Caldwell

"Patrick and company are always a joy to work with. We feel so comfortable leaving our home in their hands that we have gone on overnight trips leaving them completely in charge. They have never failed to keep us informed by phone on arrival times for inspections, etc. We so appreciate the attention to detail."
Barbara Witt

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