Scout Napa Valley: locations only a local expert could know.

Scout Napa Valley is a nationally recognized location company that lives, breathes and loves the Napa Valley.

This singular focus makes us very different from most location companies.

By and large, location scouts are generalists: they know a little bit about a lot of areas. In contrast, we’re specialists:
We know all there is to know about one specific area – the beautiful and amazingly diverse
Napa Valley.

We’re experts on the area because it’s not just our territory. It’s our well-loved home. Owner Patrick Sprinkel has resided here for more than 20 years, and the people on his team live right down the street. This local connection benefits you in several ways.

First, no one in the industry is better qualified to find precisely the setting you require. From the lush vineyards and gracious homes to rustic ranches, elegant restaurants and stunning natural settings, Scout Napa Valley offers you locations only a local could know and – even more importantly – gain access to.

What’s more, our innovative Online Location Library lets you see every amazing setting, so your choices are not limited by a handful of file pulls. In fact, our powerful search capability can fuel the creative process, using the images you discover to spark ever fresher ideas.

And then there are our production capabilities. With years of experience in the fashion photo industry, Patrick and his team offer a full scope of concierge-level production services. We have developed relationships (often including special pricing discounts) with the many resources you’ll require while you’re in Napa - from photography and film permits and production-friendly accommodations to caterers, florists, prop sources and more.

Whether it’s securing tables at the finest restaurants or putting together a behind-the-scene winery visit (as well as privileged pricing on wine purchases), we will make your next Napa Valley film or photo shoot a productive and pleasurable experience.

we live it. you'll love it.