Here’s what creative professionals like you say about working with Scout Napa Valley…

“We were short on time in finding a location and Scout Napa Valley immediately understood the rather unusual demands that we had for accommodating A-list talent, studio executives, TV journalists and a large production crew. Patrick's team offered suggestions on hotel accommodations, security teams, transportation, florists, prop vendors/retailers and caterers. They have unlimited resources through their many connections in the Valley and beyond – even helping to secure a tough-to-get dinner reservation.

“What’s more, the properties are spectacular. The Scout Napa Valley Online Location Library is extremely comprehensive, easy to use and the photos really tell a good story of the properties and their usable space. We saw some amazing places that will always be in the back of my mind for upcoming shoots. I was so impressed with the access that Scout Napa Valley has to such amazing homes; wish they were on the East Coast as well!

“The Scout Napa Valley team showed exceptional skill in everything that they did -– from the initial scout of the properties to the last day when our shoot was complete, the sun went down, and the gate closed on the lavender-lined drive. They were perfect.

“I wouldn't consider anyone else, and hope I have the opportunity to work with Scout Napa Valley again soon. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had."
Suzanne Marvier
Producer, Junket Productions, Inc.
Sony Pictures Entertainment / Columbia TriStar movie release of Eat Pray Love

"Scout Napa Valley was integral to the success of our shoot. Patrick and his staff were extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of production as well as restaurant suggestions. From the beginning with the fantastic easy to use website till the end with the final bill reconciliation everything was handled with accuracy and professionalism. I look forward to heading back to the Napa Valley area and using Scout Napa Valley again."
H. Tim Grady
Ebb & Flow Pictures, Charleston, SC

“We chose to work with Scout Napa Valley because of the terrific selection of locations. We could choose from every type of architecture and location, from modern urban streets to small-town-feel villages. The Scout Napa Valley website made selecting locations much easier because it groups many images of each setting – with the option to customize searches to find exactly what’s needed, and save time in the process.

“Once we arrived, Scout Napa Valley helped make our shoot efficient and memorable. At one point, the weather changed and we needed to suddenly move to an enclosed courtyard. Patrick made a few phone calls that allowed us to move within 15 minutes, so we could continue shooting without losing time. And because the scouts live here, we saw connections with locations that normally aren’t available for crews.

“Scout Napa Valley also provided us with excellent recommendations for places to dine, to taste wine, to get the most enjoyment from our time in the area. Every choice was excellent for the crew, and an experience to remember. We will absolutely call on Scout Napa Valley again. With so many options and seasons in Napa/Sonoma, I could shoot here several times a year.”
Wesley Anderson
Creative Director, Arizona Mail Order Company

"We hired Scout Napa Valley, LLC to support our crew during a demanding four-day documentary shoot in the Napa Valley. I give high marks to this company for consistently keeping our needs top of mind, before, during, and after the shoot. Patrick Sprinkel and his team are gracious and easy to work with. They are also highly motivated, seasoned professionals with deep knowledge of the Napa region -- from the best vantage points for beauty shots to the most rewarding places to eat. Excellent shooting options, sound logistical advice (accommodation, restaurants, business services) as well as extremely helpful local contacts and resources were all part of the deal. No request to the Scout Napa Valley team was too large or two small. Patrick is a stellar manager: organized, time conscious, flexible, and always thinking ahead. He made everything work like a well-oiled machine, and always with a smile. Highly recommended."
Polly Wells
Nextfilm Productions, Toronto

“I can’t say enough good things about Scout Napa Valley. The business is a collection of genuinely great people who are gracious, warm, professional — and have a wealth of knowledge of the area. Barb, our Scout Napa Valley contact on our last shoot, has lived in the Napa Valley for years, and she always knew where to turn for everything we need on a shoot — from hotel reservations to flowers, catering, you name it. On our last shoot, we needed to rent horses and an old pick-up truck, and Barb was instrumental in organizing everything flawlessly."

“I’m tremendously sensitive about being respectful of owners’ property and privacy. It was so reassuring to have Barb as an on-set liaison between the owners and our team. She’s always open to ideas and great about finding creative solutions that help us get the shots we need while making certain that the property is respected and protected. Having her on the set freed us to focus on the task at hand, which was getting great film."

“We were so happy with the quality of our spring film and had such a phenomenal experience with Scout Napa Valley, we did something that’s never happened in the history of the catalog: We went back to the Napa Valley for our fall shoot. In fact, any time we need that beautiful, casual wine country sensibility, we’ll certainly call Scout Napa Valley.”
Scott Cooper
Creative Director, Crate & Barrel Catalog

“Working with Scout Napa Valley was the best experience I’ve ever had while collaborating with a production company. Patrick presented me numerous outstanding properties and together we toured my top picks to ensure that they offered everything that my diverse shoot would require."

“I’ve never seen a location scout take so much care of the homes he represents, while simultaneously bending over backwards to do whatever my crew or I needed to feel comfortable and prepared during our shoot. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Scout Napa Valley again soon, and highly recommend them to all of my colleagues.”
Jennifer Bakken
Senior Manager for Brand and Imagery,

“As a national, multi-channel retailer we demand the best from our talent. Scout Napa Valley understands this standard, and screens potential locations and homeowners based on our specific criteria. Patrick and his team have had a major impact on our internal processes. We know we can count on them to compile and organize a library of locations tailored to a project’s particular interests, no matter how quirky or exacting.”

David Armario
Senior Creative Director, Pottery Barn

“I have had nothing but successful shoots each and every time I have worked with Scout Napa Valley. The variety of locations is second to none, and the weather is great no matter the time of year. Just as important, the service and personal attention I get from Scout Napa Valley are always at the highest level. Recently, I was shooting a national ad for a client who asked for a store front propped with fall fruit covered with a dusting of new snow. Without hesitation, Patrick and his staff made it happen. They made me look like a star to my client. The next time the phone rings for a job in Napa, my first call will be to Scout Napa Valley.”

Rick Steil
Rick Steil Photography, Los Angeles, CA

“I was on a weekend location search in Napa, working with a scout who wasn’t delivering the locations I needed. I was feeling pretty desperate when someone at my hotel passed me Patrick Sprinkel’s name. He came to my rescue, and in just a couple of hours was able to find exactly what I was looking for. It’s no exaggeration to say that he really pulled a rabbit out of the hat for me, and I’m forever grateful.”

“Patrick could pull off these results because of his extraordinary knowledge of the area. Most of the truly exclusive properties are hidden away, and the owners must have great confidence in a scout to be willing to open their doors to a shoot. Patrick has earned that confidence by being an exceptionally effective liaison; he’s wonderful at finding solutions that let everyone win.”
Inge Morascini
Freelance Creative Director / Advertising Director

“I can honestly say there’s never been a time that Scout Napa Valley hasn’t had the types of locations I’ve been seeking. I can call and say, ‘We’re looking for wineries, or a contemporary house, or a farm house,’ and Patrick Sprinkel either has it in his file or finds it for us. And while most location companies say, ‘Here’s the location. You figure it out.’, Scout Napa Valley is always attentive to all the ancillary issues – like parking, permits and insurance – that make a shoot go so much more smoothly."

“Patrick has also helped with production services, including roping off streets, securing parking for motor homes, and getting permits to photograph in Napa. I know it’s a cliché, but because of his experience as a stylist, his work in the industry, and his standing in the community, Patrick is one of those rare people who ‘gets it."

David L. Reardon
Freelance Print Producer

"The variety of locations offered by Scout Napa Valley is amazing...there is something for everyone and practically any use. The quality of the locations makes it hard to want to shoot anywhere else but Napa Valley. It makes work not seem like work, rather a vacation!! Just simply amazing."

"The SNV Team is extremely knowledgeable about the Napa Valley. I had no hesitations asking for anything...the SNV staff reacted quickly and successfully for everything. They really go above and beyond their call of duty. I loved the fact that Patrick kept it open to call him no matter when, where, and what time. That really made me feel comfortable in a new place."

"We would absolutely work with Scout Napa Valley again, as we have several times. They provide everything and beyond what you would expect from a production company. Patrick's knowledge of the surroundings, businesses, and people made our shoots run smooth with no hang-ups. Kudos to the SNV team!"
Christine Eckert
Sr. Merchandise Planner, Woolrich, Inc.

“We turned to Scout Napa Valley for help with a 10-page editorial spread for Self Magazine. We chose them because they’re based in the Napa Valley and have extensive knowledge of the area. The quality and variety of locations they provided was excellent, and they were able to provide great alternatives when first picks weren’t available. The Scout Napa Valley team also handled production for our shoot, and we found them to be extremely resourceful – with locations as well as finding props, extras, and all the other ancillaries associated with a major shoot. Any time we’re back in the Napa Valley, we’ll definitely use them again. “
Fabienne Le Roux
Senior Photo Producer, Self Magazine

“Scout Napa Valley knows each property, and they’re much more active and very astute about getting the crews familiar with the location. One time, when a homeowner was going to be out of town, Patrick walked us through with the homeowner, showing us how to turn on and off the lights, where the breaker was, all the things you need to know to keep a shoot running smoothly. It may seem like a small thing, but these upscale homes have very intricate systems where turning on the lights is not as simple as flicking a switch. It was an immense help – and that’s typical of how Scout Napa Valley operates.”

“I also appreciate how Scout Napa Valley is so very involved with the crews, and -- this is really unusual -- with the property owners. They take wonderful care of the crews, yet they’re concerned about making sure homeowners are comfortable because they want the experience to be a positive one for everybody. Patrick is amazing at anticipating what everybody needs -- about the time you’re ready to ask for something, he walks in the door with it.”
Lisa Eisler
Photo Producer, Eddie Bauer

"Scout Napa Valley is on of the best location services that I have ever used. Patrick has a diverse range of sophisticated and unique properties. I was searching for a location, for a fashion shoot, with a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by immaculate grounds. Scout Napa Valley found a location that exceeded all of our expectations. On top of that, Patrick went the extra mile to make sure the crew had everything that we needed while at the location. Our photo shoot would not have been a success without our partnership with Napa Valley Scout."
Adele C. Berry
Owner, Adele C. Berry Inc., Creative + Photo Art Director Services